Hello, my name is Jessica Chappo.

I am a website designer located in the Austin area. I am well versed in design trends and focus on user experience. I have a strong background primarily in HTML and CSS but I also use PHP and MySQL on a daily basis. I took some courses in website design and development while attending college, but most of my learning and knowledge is self-taught through constant self-study, online tutorials, and articles by experts in the field.

When I'm not busy designing or coding, I thoughtly enjoy both reading and writing and run several cooperative writing websites. I love baking, Miyuzaki films, and the amazing paper craft world of origami.

My Skill Level

HTML5 Stars!
CSS5 Stars!
PHP4 Stars!
MySQL4 Stars!
Javascript3 Stars!
Jquery2 Stars!
C++3 Stars!
Adobe Photoshop4 Stars!
Adobe Dreamweaver4 Stars!

Rawr! I'm awesome!